Dot beats GPT-4 by 8x

Upgrade from GPT-4 API to Dot API. Dot is worlds first AMS (AI/Agent Management System) continuously learns from your data & adapts to your specific use case.

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Dot : Self Evolving AMS for your use-case

Dot is world's first AMS (AI Agent Management System). It acts as a central hub that intelligently directs requests to the most suitable AI agent/model for the task. This "smart dispatcher" continuously learns, gaining a deep understanding of your specific domain and context.

The result?

This allows Dot to outperform AI models like GPT-4 and Devin in real-world use-cases, potentially reducing your AI costs by up to 60%!

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Dot for Code Generation is 8x better than GPT-4

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Dot for Customer support

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Dot for Sales phone calls

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Dot for Speech to Text

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Dot for Data enhancement

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Dot for Chat / RAG

Switch to

Outperfroms your current AI model for your use-case, while reducing your AI costs by up to 60%!

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Switching is a 3 line update

Building AI agents?

We have designed scalable & robust cloud infra & services for AI agents.

Connect with us on LinkedIn to explore how you can use it for your own agents.

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Web Browser API

Empower your AI agents with Isolated Web Browsers in a Secure, Auto-Scaling Cloud.

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Unstructured ETL API

Extracts and transforms complex unstructured data to an LLM-friendly input with a simple API call

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Code Interpreter API

Empower your apps with AI code execution, data analysis, and Python powered LLM reasoning.